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Anonimo ha chiesto:

Ciao! When are the next Juve games that i should tune in!? I only know of the champions league that will start in sept. When is the Serie A and when and what are the others that Juve will be playing for. Thank you and nice blog!!!

Ciao :)

Tutto ciò che so è che la serie A inizierà il 31 agosto,mi dispiace ma non so altro :)

Grazie per il complimento sul blog! :)


Andrea Pirlo Appreciation Post

Italian playmaker and legend has decided to retire from international football. This decision has been official after the azzuri has been knocked out of the World Cup group stage; Pirlo’s last match. I would like to take this time to recognize the importance of the former World Cup winner. Thank you for your contribution to Italy NT, Andrea. 

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